Once upon a time, one of my friends (a surgeon) asked me for help in the statistics of his Master degree thesis, then he began to tell me about his thesis. He said:

My thesis is about the role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors in Prostate Tumors, and he will take 50 patients with prostate cancer and check the level of VEGF in their serum.

I told him:

Wait, this is my thesis, I ll check also the level of VEGF in different tumors, and I will measure it using ELISA kit that cost me about 6500LE, but I’ll only use 40 patients, so I have the rest of the ELISA plate unused.

Then I asked him to share with me the ELISA kit and some of his patients, I had also 4 patients with prostate cancer, and I gave him their results.

After we finished the work, I had this idea.

What if I did not meet him? Shouldn’t I pay all this amount of money? So, why not we make a medical network to register the protocols of our theses, so if someone can help us in our research or share with us his work, or even share his patients?

We will not steel each other’s work, but why do I have to search for prostate cancer patients, while my friend had them? Why should I lose the rest of my ELISA kit and my friend buy another one (to lose also the rest of it)?

Then I thought about this Medical Network, the so called MEDNET

What is MEDNET?

It is so simple, just add your first page of your protocol, with the aim of the work. Then, any other user can search in our MEDNET, and if the user finds help in your work, he will contact you through commenting on your post. That simple.

It is a completely free service, but it needs your help to make it bigger.

If you do not know how to add your work, just email it to me at 4drs(at)4drs.net

I hope you like it and give us more help

To visit our MEDNET, Click here

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